The Mission of Gallery Zeke is to introduce Contemporary Art  Exhibits which Stimulate Awareness of Visual and Performing Art Disciplines throughout our surrounding communities.

The name of the gallery was inspired by the life of Zeke Estep, a young man who was infatuated with art and had an impressive skill.  Due to an accident at the age of 21, he suffered a traumatic brain injury, this forced him to relearn to draw and paint with his left hand, changing the style of his art. Nevertheless, after much therapy and practice he continued to excel.   Unfortunately, due to consequences of  the accident, Zeke passed away in 2005 at the age of 35.  His life is honored and his passion for art lives on at Gallery Zeke.

Gallery Zeke is a venue for displaying and selling artwork and for art talks, receptions, poetry readings, musical performances, art classes and short films.

The gallery provides an educational opportunity for everyone in our community, including high school art students, and exposes them to many different kinds of art.


Fridays and Saturdays 11 AM to 4 PM

Sunday 11 AM to 3 PM


110 East Main Street, Steelville, MO


Featured Artists

Each month we will showcase an artist in Gallery II. Your art will be prominently displayed and featured for the month. 

Please contact Lisa Herbst for more details: 573-205-2035 or

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